Naturally, many of us start out our business journeys going after quickly attainable goals because – simply put – we want to make a living. So going after easy targets that we can hit, then repeat, then scale and hopefully make a decent chunk of change is a pretty standard business plan.

There really isn’t a problem with going about business this way, but sometimes if you can learn to step back and see the big picture it might help you see that there is more to life than just going after easy money. Sometimes there is more value and a bigger reward in going after “High Hanging Fruit”.

The title of the book really sells itself but there is so much more found here than just learning how to go after difficult to reach goals or challenges. This book is filled with gold nuggets related to deal negotiation, how to balance family life with business, how to deal with investors, how and when it’s time to scale a business and so many other lessons. The other fascinating piece of this book is that it has really made me think twice about which products I pick and for what reason.

In this case, it was coconut water, but personally, it has spilled over to many other areas even outside of food and beverage. It was another reminder that packaging and marketing can paint such a mirage that we forget to really dig deeper past the pretty commercials and perfect cover to find the truth about what we are consuming.

For Buzzhive Marketing, no matter what we do, whether it’s search engine optimization, web design, social media or mobile apps, our goal is to support businesses and entrepreneurs.  The message of this book speaks to part of our mission – that we want to meet companies where they are and grow with them.  Sure, we could only go after deep-pocketed companies or only focus on offering the ‘lowest price option’ for SEO, but our ultimate goal is to give quality to every customer, not to offer the least amount to the highest quantity of customers.

If you just have a business idea, are starting your business journey, or well on your way, I highly recommend this book to everyone, to help all of us make sure that what we are doing is the right thing and for the right reasons.  The truth found in “High Hanging Fruit” can help all of us look past the dollar signs and instead begin to make a difference in this world.