Attracting customers to your business is a key element to its success. Franchise marketing is particularly important because you have to make your national brand appeal to your local audience.

Some of the strategies that make sense on a corporate level will need to be adjusted to fit your market. And you must build a reputation for being in tune with and invested in the local scene.

Developing a sound franchise marketing strategy will set your business apart as a trusted asset to your community. It will also boost your bottom line.

Try out these 8 tips to help you grow your franchise.

Take Advantage of Local Media

You can leverage the power of your local newspaper and TV stations by sending them regular updates. The people in your community trust that these news sources understand their needs in a way that national media cannot replicate.

If you want to be seen as a part of the neighborhood, an endorsement from a respected local news sources will go a long way.

Consider inviting a local critic or editorial writer to your business. Their write-up could be just what you need to establish yourself as a valuable part of the local community.

Target Local Customers with Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms to draw targeted, local attention to your franchise.

Leverage the power of these social media platforms to boost your brand. Using their demographic tracking features, you can tailor your outreach to customers within a local radius, helping maximize your ad dollars and getting the right eyes on your business.

Social media also provides a great opportunity to engage directly with your community. Like or follow complementary businesses in your area and start building relationships with their owners.

You can also respond directly to customers who engage your social pages and provide useful, on brand updates that help establish you as a local expert. The increasing prominence of smartphone use makes social media an invaluable advertising platform.

Join the Local Chamber of Commerce

Be an active member of your local business community by joining the chamber of commerce. Not only can the chamber refer potential clients your way, you will gain powerful allies who share your local concerns.

The chamber hosts valuable networking events that will help connect you to the rest of your community. They’ll also offer tools and resources you and your employees may benefit from.

Joining the chamber of commerce will shine a spotlight on your business and shows customers that the other members of the community value your services and reputation.

Be a Community Resource

Franchise marketing is more than just putting up ads in local outlets. Establish your business as a caring and well-informed community resource.

Post a bulletin board in your location where customers can share information about upcoming events, job openings for non-competitors, and connect with each other.

Soon, the people in your community will see your franchise as a hub for local activity, further increasing your value to them. Your corporate partners aren’t equipped to know your community as well as you do.

Reward Loyalty with Incentives

Turn every shopper into a repeat customer by offering them a reason to return. Loyalty programs are a very effective franchise marketing tool because they encourage customers to regularly patronize your business.

Offer a discount after a customer has shopped a certain number of times. Likewise, reward them for referring a friend who makes a purchase.

Setting up these programs is quick and easy. You’ll make up the money you spend with new and recurring sales.

Your loyalty program can go beyond rewards. In no time you’ll see an increase in positive customer experience and a boost to your franchise.

Optimize Your Website for Local Engagement

Your website is a key piece of your franchise marketing efforts. Optimize it for the most local impact.

It’s not enough to have a nice-looking landing page and pick out a few strong keywords. You need the right people to find your business and then to take action.

Take advantage of Google Adwords and local SEO practices to draw the right audience to your site. One franchise’s local customer base will have different needs than another location. Try these 5 best practices to boost the effectiveness of your Adwords campaign.

Make sure that potential customers can find you easily and get all the info they need without extra effort. Consider adding relevant local links and info as well, further cementing your position in the community.

Encourage Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

Satisfied customers are your best advocates. Don’t underestimate the power of social proof in growing your business.

Encourage your customers to participate in your franchise marketing efforts by leaving testimonials of their experience. When others go to find you online, they’ll see these reviews, making it easier for them to trust your brand and get a sense of what to expect.

Whether they find you on your own page or through a site like Yelp or Amazon, potential buyers are persuaded by firsthand experience. Make a point to ask satisfied customers to leave a 5-star review.

You can offer an incentive such as a discount or extra stamp on their loyalty card. Those customers who enjoy your services will be happy to support your business in this way.

Give Back to Your Community

Your franchise is a part of the community, not just there to take advantage of it. The more locals associate your brand with positively impacting their community, the more they’ll support it.

Find ways to serve the community with your time and resources. This kind of indirect marketing is very effective at building brand strength.

Consider sponsoring a local youth group or sports event. Get involved in a service project. Having your logo seen around town in these settings will help others associate your brand positively with community outreach.

We Can Help Your Franchise Marketing Efforts

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