According to the latest IHRSA report, the fitness industry revenue was an estimated $94 billion in 2018, up from $87.2 billion in 2017. That’s a 7.8% increase and the trend is projected to continue upward. The estimated future growth for 2020 is $106 billion, so it’s not surprising to see so many people gravitating towards this industry. New growth means more participants using Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media channels to build their following. This is all great, but what do you do after you get the followers and customers that are interested in your services? Well, you have to help them get fit, right? The answer isn’t a difficult one and yet so many fitness professionals still miss the key component of having a good website to use in conjunction with all of the other tools they use with clients and miss out on thousands of dollars in revenue. Some still ignore the power of the internet (we know…shocking) and digital marketing, which opens the door to not so stubborn members of the community to capitalize on this oversight. Tech-friendly fitness professionals are no longer just thinking about meal plans and workout routines, but also utilizing the use of the internet and web-based systems to build their business. A good website for a fitness professional can be your best tool or assistant. You can have features on your website like a full list of services, testimonials, schedule with a booking system, client portal, and so much more. All of this is great and very good on paper, but as a fitness professional, it is hard to know where to start, how to start, or who to pick for your website and marketing needs. Well, we have a great option for you.

Meet Hartford, one of our latest themes from Buzzhive, live on our new and improved web design webpage. Social media is filled with fitness gurus, diet experts, keto’d-out-clean-strongman-body-builders, and so much more – so it’s tough to stand out when there is that much noise. To add to the difficulty of standing out, social media trends and platforms constantly change and evolve. This is where a clean and modern website design like Hartford can come in handy. In this case it’s the fitness industry but you can plug in any industry and enjoy all the benefits of having an optimized website.  So don’t rely on just your six-pack or perfect physique to do the selling for you, but instead use your head and get a custom website built and managed by us. We can also help guide you along the way of taking the steps need to grow, scale, and maximize what you do with all of your customers using tried and true marketing methods and web-based tools.  All of our themes can be completely customized, just like your meal & workout plans, so your brand is not tied to a theme. Our themes are just a starting point and guideline and have an incredible amount of premium features and capabilities than what is shown in these pictures. Contact us today for more info and let’s get your website looking as ripped as your hamstrings!