It seems like every week you hear a new artist or catch a new band laying new music. It’s hard to stand out as it is with how easy it is to put out or record new music these days, but with new technology it has added many new layers of difficulty to the mix. With the influx of talented artists and musicians creating musical magic, it has added a new layer of difficulty to the music industry unlike ever before but luckily it hasn’t lowered the demand by fans. This means that you no can no longer just stand out with talent or quality alone. You now have to have all of the notes in a row and in the right key, meaning, have your social media game on point, have all of your music easy to buy on all platforms, give the ability for fans to find your next show near them, create special access and connection opportunities for those diehard super fans, and so much more. Yet we have come to find out that musicians and artists are still not very good at these business or marketing tactics and it’s not really their fault because it’s not their job, their job or their area of expertise. That’s why we are here to help, and we would like to start with the most key component of all these digital topics, the website.

In this case, one design doesn’t fit all. One layout or color scheme doesn’t always do the trick so we have many template options and if that doesn’t cover it we can build you a completely custom site. You are the artist and it is your craft so we are leaving it up to you to tell us what vibe you are looking for. Then we will help you get the site that lets your craft be expressed the right way in the form of a website. As creatives with a musical background, we understand the importance of this and we will not ignore the details that are important to you. This is why we have so many designs that will fit your musical or artistic vibes no matter what genre or style you are. You might think that most bands and artists get the importance of a good website, social media, and online marketing because it’s such a key in this day and age. Well, you would be shocked to find out that even at the highest level many bands and artists miss out on incredible opportunities just due to their lack of attention to these details. If you are a band or an artist please don’t ignore these things and let us help you by first building you an awesome, modern, easy to use, and very capable custom website that meets all of your needs and puts you on the map in a serious way. Let us meet you and your craft where you are and help you structure your online presence in a step by step way. If budget is an issue don’t let that stop you. We can start with a simple and very affordable one page site and as you grow your fan base and build your stardom we can gradually evolve your website from a clean and simple one page website to a more robust but still modern site that has all of the tools you need to reach your fans and build the entertainment career of your dreams.