Advertising, promotion, and marketing managers have a great job outlook with an expected growth of 8% per year through 2028. They also make good money with a median annual wage of about $125,000 per year

Are you a digital marketer or hoping to learn the profession? 

Keep reading for five digital marketing skills to learn to stay competitive. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if you’re not a digital marketer, you’ve probably heard of SEO. Good SEO skills are crucial for anyone doing digital marketing.

Search engines like Google use robots that “crawl” the web looking for keywords, tags, and other clues for classifying websites. Understanding keyword research and how to optimize a website for search engines is one of the most important skills you can learn.  

2. Data Analytics

Data analytics also helps you optimize content for search engines. You need an understanding of cross-platform integration as well as how to glean insights from many different types of data sets. 

Google Analytics offers free classes through the Google Analytics Academy. Whether you’re new to analytics or you’re already a power user, there’s a class for you! 

3. Content Marketing

Even if you build the perfect website, if it’s not updated on a regular basis, the site won’t rank high in search engine searches. Update the site with what? Valuable content. 

Creating new content that grabs the attention of your target market is the best way to keep your site fresh. You need video, written, and audio content. 

Your content must be engaging, captivating, and educational so your audience keeps coming back for more. The goal here is a long-lasting relationship between you and your target audience. A blog is one of the best ways of updating your content. 

4. Social Media

Another one of the best marketing skills to learn is social media marketing. Social media is ubiquitous and must be in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

Some of the skills you’ll need include a creative mindset and an understanding of how to collaborate with external parties. Social media is all about content creation and getting your content in front of users. 

The great thing about social media is the platforms are free. Over 160 billion businesses use Facebook! 

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns and Paid Ads

Organic marketing campaigns on social media are effective, but paid ads can offer even better returns. You’ll need to learn Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Advertising is where all your digital marketing skills come together. You’ll need great content and an understanding of SEO as well as data analytics for effective digital marketing ad campaigns. 

These Are Crucial Marketing Skills to Learn

Digital marketing may look easy from the outside, but it’s not! Do you want to be a competitive digital marketer? There are many marketing skills to learn. 

From SEO to paid ads with everything between, learn these five skills and you’ll be on your way to a great career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future, so learn it now. 

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