For a franchise to be successful, its marketing plan has to be exceptional. Marketing for a franchise is quite different from marketing for regular private and public businesses. Franchises must have strong, identifiable brands, and work towards building customer loyalty. 

There is a lot that goes into a marketing plan for a franchise and with the factors below, you’ll be able to effectively market towards your target audience, and reign in new ones. Here are some qualities that should be the focus! 

Informative and Engaging Website Content

Franchise websites where consumers get most of their information from should be informative and engaging. The website is the point of contact after business hours so it helps to update it with merchandise so consumers know what you are offering. 

It is also important that the website is accessible and fit for different points of entry such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. Mobile is most popular so mobile-first web design should be explored.  If the website is not, consumers will look elsewhere where it is more convenient and easy usage. 

Social Media Updates Frequently

Consumers are on their phones surfing through social media almost every day. Having user interactions and posting frequently with new updates, or reminders of products, sales, etc. is a strategic marketing tactic that should be implemented into every marketing plan. 

If the franchise isn’t active on social media, users will assume that they are not up to date and will forget about the franchise. Research the most heavily trafficked social media time so that is when posting should be done to reach more consumers.

Reach Users Through Email

When consumers access the franchise’s website, or at the physical location, prompt for email. This way, they can be reached and informed about new deals, products, notices, etc.  Send emails with intent and not for the sake of sending as consumers will get agitated and unsubscribe. 

Show Up to Trade Shows 

Direct marketing at trade shows is great exposure. it also allows consumers to see the faces behind the franchise and encourages direct communication. Take this moment to hand out business cards and informational pamphlets that people can hold onto and save. 

Be Responsive in Communication 

Consumers will likely have questions and concerns. The franchise should work to be responsive in quick timing so that consumers can have their answers. Then they will tell others that the franchise is very good at helping and answering.  

Users will reach out through the website, email, or social media so it’s best to monitor all platforms. 

Develop an Effective Marketing Plan for a Franchise

Keeping these qualities in mind when creating a marketing plan for a franchise will ensure that there are promising results. Consumers want to be engaged with and have open communications with franchises they support. incorporating these factors will help them spread the word about the franchise. 

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