Some people seem to wonder whether a logo matters at all. Yet it does: your company’s logo is a vital part of your company’s branding and if your logo isn’t up to scratch, it will have a knock-on effect on the rest of your branding.

So what makes a good logo? What are the key logo design rules that you need to abide by?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to make strong logos that bolster your company’s branding efforts. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

What Makes a Good Logo?

So you know that you want a logo, what does it need to have? Let’s take a closer look at what your logo needs to be.

Your Logo Must Be Simple and Conceptual

A logo can’t be too visually busy or complicated. If it is, it’s going to be forgotten. Think of the classic logos that you know and love, things like Nike, McDonald’s, and Apple. 

All of these logos have one thing in common: they’re visually simple but very evocative of that company’s core values. The Apple logo, for instance, is simple but sophisticated, reflecting the design choices that go into devices like the iPod and Macbook. 

Your logo must reflect your company’s values as part of its concept. If you’re a law firm, making your logo overly colorful will be a no-no, for instance.

Make Smart Font and Typeface Choices

A handwritten font can reflect sophistication but certain handwritten fonts are very difficult to read. If you’re going to use handwritten fonts, we would recommend only using them for part of your logo and picking a very legible one.

Similarly, you should be conscious of whether to use uppercase or lowercase letters. While using all lowercase letters can give off a vibe of unprofessionalism, using uppercase letters only when grammatically necessary can make your company friendlier. If you want to give off an air of authority, an uppercase logo can project strength, expertise, and power.

Avoid Making Your Logo Too Large or Small

When designing your logo, you need to use the space you have. If you’re going to have your logo above your door or on a website, making it too large or small can reduce its legibility or aesthetic appearance.

Make sure that you’re making the logo the right size it needs to be. Take existing space into account.

Why a Logo Matters

So you know what should go into a logo: why do they matter? A logo can make or break your marketing efforts. 

As well as tying all your branding efforts up with a neat little bow, a logo serves as a way for your customers to identify and remember your brand. This can help bolster returning customer numbers, who may not remember your name but will remember your logo.

A well-designed logo also speaks volumes about your company. It’s the first thing customers will see of your company and gives you a fantastic opportunity to make a first impression.

How We Can Help You

We’ve shown you what makes a good logo. They’re a crucial part of your marketing efforts and can give your company’s image a big boost. If you’d like some help making a great impression, why not let us build a superb website for you?

For more information about our services and pricing, get in touch with us!

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