The concept of creating a website can seem tricky. From navigation to design, you may not know where to start.

And if you have your own website already, you probably know how overwhelming all the choices can be. If you want to keep your website design straight-forward, minimalism may be for you.

If you’re looking for how to design a minimalist website, here are a few basic principles of minimalist website design you can implement into your own website. 

Minimalistic Principles

The principle of using minimalism as an artistic style stems from the idea that “less is more”. In any minimalist design, you want fewer features, fewer colors, and overall fewer elements. Eventually, the idea is that with less, your viewers will gain more.

While typically minimalism is applied to a way of life, an art style, or musical piece, a website can be all of these things too. Minimalism in a website is about cutting down on the non-essentials of life and giving your viewer an artistic experience when they navigate your page.

Easy Navigation

One of the key elements in a minimalistic web page is easy navigation. Minimalism is all about keeping only the essentials. When choosing a navigation style, make sure you’re making it easy for the user to find the page that they’re looking for by weeding out any unnecessary icons or dropdown menus. 

Your viewer should only have a few options on your home page to redirect them, remember, “just the essentials”. But you don’t want to hide the navigation icons to the point where your viewer can’t find them. 

Color Coordination

Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. If you’re looking for a minimalistic color combo, it’s usually a good bet to stick with a neutral and a color. This is usually the most common minimalistic color combination.

However, a variety of neutrals and pastels can also work if the colors aren’t overbearing. 


The best minimalist website design will have themes and layouts that are consistent. When your viewer clicks to enter a new scene, that screen should follow the same layout. Navigation buttons should be in the same place and colors should follow a pattern.


The font is one of the most important features of any website design, minimalist or not. One web design mistake you don’t want to make is for your minimalist font to be hard to read, or boring. 

Your font says a lot about who you are as a brand or business so choose one that represents you or your product. As long as you’re not choosing a font that’s difficult to read or makes your website look like a high school English paper, you’re doing fine. 

Getting Started With Your Minimalist Website Design

Minimalistic website design isn’t complex, but it also doesn’t mean simple. A lot of design goes into making sure a website contains only the essentials. 

If you want more of our web design tips or minimalist website design inspiration, check out our blog! We offer plenty of ideas and services to help you get the ball rolling. 

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