Building an awesome website starts with a killer design. If you want to improve your online business, you need metrics. Website metrics help you understand how your website is working and how many of your visitors are turning into customers.

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate, make sure whatever system you use is tracking these top five metrics.

1. Time on Site

The most important metric to start tracking and understanding is how many people are coming to your site and how long they spend on it.

Longer visits on the site mean there is more chance for those visitors to fill out a form or even purchase a product.
You can increase the time spent on your site with more calls to action. Direct people to the next page you want them to visit!

2. Traffic Sources

How did the people visiting your site find it? Make sure to track where people are coming from. Social media, another website, and email campaigns can all direct people to your site.

These insights can tell you what is already working for you and what areas you may need to improve in. If all your visitors are coming from email and not social media it may be time to up your social presence.

3. Returning Visitors

Tracking who is coming back to your site can give you information on potential leads. These metrics can provide you insight into target audiences for online or social media ads. Create custom ads or offers for returning visitors to increase the chance of converting.

4. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your site and pages, lets you know how many people clicked on another page while visiting your site. A high bounce rate is not ideal. This means that people are finding your site and immediately leaving.

This metric can tell you where you may need to add more call to action phrases on your site. It can also tell you which pages just are not working and may need to be redesigned or removed.

5. Top Pages

Your top pages are where visitors stay the longest and visit the most often. For most businesses, the top few pages include their home page and product pages.

The next few pages listed gives your business a peek at what pages are the most popular. Mimicking the style or call to actions on these top pages can lead to more visits, lower bounce rates, and better conversions.

Website Metrics Matter

Website metrics are key to understanding who is visiting your site and what they are doing. By utilizing these key metrics, you can take steps to improve your conversion rate. If you are looking for more leads or sales, conversions matter!

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