Of all of the mobile searches in the world each day, more than 30% of them are related to location. It makes sense because anytime people are doing a search for a place to go to, whether it be a store or restaurant, they want to go somewhere nearby. This is exactly why it’s essential for your business to take advantage of local SEO.

Local SEO will make it easier for your website and business to show up as a search result when people are looking for services in your area. That’s more customers and more money in your pocket. 

Read on to learn six tips to boost your local SEO performance and achieve those rankings. 

1. Register on Google

The most important thing you need to do for local SEO is to register your business with a Google My Business Account. This is how you’ll show up on the Google Maps directory for nearby searches. It will also boost your website SEO because Google will recognize you as a real business with a location. 

2. Get Those Local Reviews

Local SEO is much easier to achieve when you earn more local reviews. Customers trust other consumers like themselves more than you, so good reviews offer the incentive new customers need to visit your location. Reviews on sites like Google and Yelp will also help you rank higher. 

3. Use of Local Keywords

Some of the most important local SEO tools are the keywords you use. Search engines scour sites for the keywords people search to provide relevant results. Scattering local keywords throughout your content and website will help signify to search engines that you’re a relevant result to show for local inquiries. 

Local keywords are those that include your state, city, and other local information. 

4. Make Multiple Service Pages

If your company offers more than one service or product, SEO performance practices include making a separate web page for each one. You can still have one page that outlines each service, but there should be individual service pages that go into more detail. 

The reason for this is that the more quality pages you have, the more opportunity you have to insert local keywords and SEO practices to boost your rankings. 

5. Get on All Business Directories

There are several business directories out there, and you want to get on each one that is relevant to your location and business. These might include Yelp, Yellow Pages, MapQuest, Facebook, Super Pages, and Apple Maps. Being listed in these directories will help you rank higher in search engines, but it will also help potential customers to find your business when they’re using the directories as their search tool. 

If you doubt the power of directories, know that in 92% of all Google searches, Yelp results are listed in the top 5 choices. 

6. Perform a Content Audit

Another tip for keeping track of and improving your local SEO performance is to perform a content audit. A content audit analyzes the quality of content you put out and informs you on which pieces are helping you rank. 

A local content audit can help you determine what to keep doing, stop doing, and remove from your website to continually improve. 

Boost Your Local SEO Performance Today

Local search is popular and growing as more people use their smartphones to discover new places in their nearby area. Take advantage of the lead opportunity this provides by boosting your local SEO performance and getting more customers. Just follow the six steps in this article. 

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