Small business owners understand that business ownership is a competitive career path. Part of the competition involves fighting for the most coveted marketing spot: A search engine’s front page.

Winning this spot isn’t as arduous as you might think, but it involves avoiding common mistakes and a bit of patience. Check out these top SEO mistakes and learn how to avoid them at all costs. 

1. Foregoing Keyword Research

Keyword research involves figuring out which keywords your customers are most likely to search. By figuring out these keywords and placing them on your website, you’re more likely to show up on your target market’s radar. Forgetting this step hurts your SEO and makes it harder to reach potential customers.

Your website’s text helps search engines crawl and index them, which impacts how your website gets ranked. Using local keywords will help your potential customers find your products or services.

As long as you add local keywords throughout your website, search engines will catch on and view you as a relevant and reputable source for your specific keywords. These keywords are typically the location of your business and the local needs of your area. 

To get started, consider teaming up with a marketing service or buy a keyword research tool.

2. Not Focusing on Your Target Audience

Take some time to figure out who your ideal customer is, including their demographic, location, and needs. Knowing your target market is essential and greatly impacts your marketing efforts. After all, you don’t want to waste time on a marketing effort that doesn’t attract the people most likely to use your product or service.

Knowing your target market is also cost-effective and efficient. From your website design to your email marketing, your strategies focus on your typical customer. Basically, you’re keeping your eye on the prize.

3. Neglecting Optimization

SEO optimization involves two facets: On-site and off-site optimization.

Both of these heavily impact your SEO, so it’s vital to put effort into both. Little details, like your meta description, should include important local keywords. It should also enable your customers to click on your website link.

You should also optimize the content on your website. This involves writing high-quality articles with smart keyword placement, which establishes your business as a thought leader.

Well-placed links keep your customers on your website longer, making it more likely that they’ll purchase your product or service. Be sure to include other types of content, such as videos or informative guides. 

Bad optimization also negatively impacts your conversion rates. For example, a mobile site that loads slowly will make potential customers leave the site entirely, increasing your bounce rates. Tracking these metrics and staying well-optimized will help improve your conversion rates over time.

Kicking SEO Mistakes To the Curb

Mastering SEO and hitting the front page of Google doesn’t happen overnight. By avoiding the biggest SEO mistakes, you’ll see a massive improvement in page views and a growth in your customer base.

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