Are you looking to build brand trust? Good social media marketing is one of the best steps that you can take to connect with your customers and build that trust up.

Everyone uses social media to connect with friends and family members, but do you use it to connect with your customers? If not, we want to help you get started.

Keep reading to learn how to make a strong social media connection with your customers.

Keep It Local

Social media is one of the best ways to get local customers to notice you. There are a few ways that you can take advantage of your various platforms to do this. 

When you’re on Facebook, make sure that you have updated business information. You’re more likely to show up in search results for local people when you show yourself as a local business. 

On Instagram, take advantage of local hashtags and locations. For example, if you’re a Chicago bakery you can set your location as Chicago, or you can set it as something like The Bean. You’d also use tags like #Chicago, #ChicagoBakery, and #CupcakesinChicago. 

This will let more people see you!

Network With Other Businesses

Other businesses in different niches might be happy to pair up with you, especially if they’re customers themselves. 

People love promoting each other. If you’re that Chicago bakery, consider bringing snacks to your favorite local businesses. They’re likely to give you a shoutout. This not only lets your customers know that you’re a valuable business, but it also sends more customers your way. 

Offer Special Deals

You want to reward your customers for being loyal followers, right?

One way you can do this is by offering early access to sales or coupon codes to anyone who’s looking at your social media. You might announce a sale the day before it starts, or activate a coupon code that only people who pay attention to your social media will see.

This helps your customers feel like they’re an important part of your business and like they’re part of an exclusive club. Reward them for being there!

Repost Customer Pictures

Let’s bring back the bakery example. It’s not unlikely that when your customers buy your treats, they’ll take pictures of them. This is also true for other products and services.

They may tag you in these pictures on their Instagram page or in their Instagram stories. 

Reposting these stories or photos in your own stories can help your customers feel seen and valued. Other people who follow you will see that someone likes what you’re doing and they’re more likely to visit your shop!

Use Social Media to Connect to Your Customers!

How will you connect with your customers today? Using social media to connect is easy, fun, and fruitful. Social media marketing is hot, and for good reason. It works. 

If you need help with your social media marketing, we’ve got you covered. Check out our marketing packages. We want to help you make your business thrive. 

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