When you’re a small business that relies on local purchases or clients, it’s important that you show up in local search results.

You need to compete with other businesses around you, especially if you’re up against big-box stores and companies. How can you make that happen? 

Your local SEO needs some work. To show up on Google, local SEO needs to be up to snuff. We want to help. Keep reading for a few of our top tips for improving your local SEO. 

1. Utilize Local Keywords

When you’re working on your website’s pages and blog content, making sure that you have localized content is crucial.

What good does it do you if people around the world see your business? Someone in Delaware won’t have any interest in your business that only provides products or services in Oregon. 

When you’re making or ordering your blog content, make sure that you sprinkle in the location that your business is in. You shouldn’t stuff the pages with those local keywords, but you shouldn’t ignore them either. 

2. Use Location Pages

Do you have all of your locations listed on one page? While this can be good for your organization (and you should have a page like this, preferably your “contact” page), it’s better for your local SEO to make one page for every location that you have.

This will let the algorithm know how relevant you are to specific areas, and it will send you higher on the rankings. 

3. Update (or Create) Your Google My Business

Do you have a Google My Business account? If not, that’s your first problem.

Set it up and make sure that all of your information is updated. Many businesses forget to list their websites, or they neglect to update their addresses when they change locations. If you don’t have a current address and website, how are your customers supposed to find you?

Remember, you need to include the base address as well as the suite number if it’s applicable. 

4. Gather Reviews

You should be getting good reviews (and if you’re not, take care of that before you work on more marketing!). Satisfied customers are often more than happy to leave you a positive review on Google, so take advantage of that. 

You should never push people to give you good reviews, but adding a note for reviews with your customer’s purchases or while they’re checking out may give them the nudge that they need to review you.

Businesses with good reviews tend to show up higher than businesses without them. 

5. Get Some Help

Does this all seem overwhelming to you? Why not get some help with your local SEO? Hiring a company that offers local SEO services is a great way to get started and move your business up the local rankings. 

If marketing isn’t “your thing,” let the experts step in and help. 

Local SEO Matters for Your Business

You need to improve your local SEO if you want to reach more customers and have more success. Once you learn how you’ll be moving up the rankings in no time. Don’t neglect your local customers.

If this seems outside of your skillset, we’re here to help. We want to help you drum up business. Visit our site to check out our marketing packages so your business can thrive. 

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