So, you’ve spent a lot of time and money developing a great website for your business. But then you notice that your site will only rank highly on Google if you search for your exact business name and location?

This means that you’re not doing a great job on your SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You may be wondering what you can do to improve your search engine rankings.

Keep reading to find out our top tips for how to rank highly on Google and why you should rank.

Don’t Limit Your Linking

When trying to improve your ranking, there are two types of links you need to take into account. These are backlinks and internal links.

Backlinks are links on third-party websites that link to your website. Google values these because it’s the equivalent of a friend making a recommendation. The more authoritative and visited sites you can get to include a link to your website, the better. 

It goes without saying that you’d rather the Huffington Post include a link to your website in their article, compared to Bob from down the road’s blog with a total readership of one.

What’s more, you need to use internal links in your website as well. These also help to boost you in search engine rankings.

Ensure High-Quality Content

Next, ensure your website features high-quality content. This is a great starting place for improving your site’s SEO but can be quite hard to achieve.

The idea is that the better quality your content is, the more organic backlinks (see above) your website will have. Other sites will want to post to your business’s page because of your great products, articles, or images.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

Improving your on-page SEO can be a great way to climb the Google search results. First, make sure your keywords are appearing at the beginning of titles.

Next, check that your webpage content is 1500 words or above. Finally, add your keyword 2-3 times on your website – but no more!

Each of these simple steps exploits Google’s algorithm and helps your site appear higher up in the search results.

Take a Look at Keywords

Finally, sourcing and then implementing the correct keywords is crucial to driving traffic to your website. Find out the keywords that rank, and match your online content to these terms. This way, your content mirrors the keywords that potential customers are searching for.

What’s more, after implementing these SEO tips, it’s crucial to measure your SEO performance and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Now You Know How to Make Your Website Rank Highly on Google

We’ve now taken a look at what is a ranking on Google and given you some top tips to improve your website’s performance. Remember that improving your search engine rank has tangible results for increasing your customer base, and ultimately, your revenue.

If you’re looking for some more personalized advice for your business’s specific needs, why not schedule a call with one of our SEO experts?

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