Even if you have only been passively involved in digital marketing, you will likely be well aware of search engine optimization (SEO).

This term used to describe how a website is calibrated to show up in a Google search engine ranking has dominated digital marketing for over a decade now. Despite the centrality of SEO to contemporary marketing, is it still important? Read on to find out why the answer is “yes.” 

1. Search Engine Shopping is Dominant

If you are wondering whether your rank on search engines is still important, the answer is yes. We have now reached a tipping point where the majority of all queries leading to purchases are made on Google and other search engines.

The vast majority of consumers will Google a product or service before they buy it, and the results that show up on the first page of results are pretty much the only ones getting clicked on. Without SEO, your business will be lost in the noise. 

2. Organic Search is Rising

Organic search, which is when a user gets to your site or online store without clicking on an ad or paid link, is rising exponentially. Any digital marketing expert will tell you that organic search is one of the most effective ways to convert a lead into a paying customer.

Your SEO ranking and metrics are key to attracting organic visitors. As organic becomes the new normal, you need to ensure that people can find your website, which is where SEO comes in. 

3. User Intent is Key

While SEO remains as important as ever, certain aspects of it are changing. Namely, the role of user intent is becoming increasingly central. You need to be able to anticipate what your user is looking for, even if they aren’t using the right keywords in their searches.

This means using ranked keywords that go beyond the basics. You need to be able to identify the user needs that your product or service can meet and incorporate this into your SEO strategy. User intent is key. 

4. SEO Ranking Is Crucial for Local Businesses

If you are a small, locally-focused business, SEO is definitely more important than ever. SEO involves ensuring that your business is visible on Google My Business, Google Maps, and more.

It involves making sure that when customers in your region are looking for a service you provide, your business is the first thing that pops up in their searches. If you do not have the resources of a Fortune 500 company, SEO is a lifeline. 

5. Google Isn’t Going Anywhere

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the dominance of Google is continuing to rise and that there is no sign that it will fade anytime soon. A greater share of internet browsing is done on Google than at any other point in history.

In addition, the geographic spread of Google is rising, with signs pointing towards it become the world’s search engine in a few years. This is why your SEO strategy matters now. 

Optimize Your Website Today 

If you want to improve your Google ranking and ensure your digital marketing strategy is fit for the future, we are here to help.

To find out more about how we can optimize your website to attract the customers you want, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today. We stand ready to answer your questions. 

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