Online marketing is all about building trust.  Trust with the search engines (SEO) causes them to offer you as the best possible search result (answer/solution/etc.).  If you are showing up more and ranking higher, then you’ve already built trust with the searcher (potential customer) by being at the top.  If you are at the top in the paid, organic and local/map positions of a search, then that’s 3X the trust.

The fastest (free) way to build that online trust with real people and Google (or other search engines) is reviews.

If you’re not currently (proactively) utilizing Google reviews, you’re potentially missing out on advantages that your competitors may be utilizing.

Google MyBusiness is a free marketing channel that can provide incredible ROI (your investment is much lower here than with most other channels #sweatequity). With little time and resources put towards Google business reviews, you can see incredible results in a fairly short amount of time.

The bottom line is, proactively utilizing Google business reviews will increase trust, local online and optimization. You’ll quickly find it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to drive leads to your business and gain trust in your local area.

General Review Request Text Templates

As with most things, getting started is the hardest part.  We have created some simple templates to help you get started.

These basic messages are meant to be professional, friendly, and workable for any industry.

Hey, [customer name], thanks for being our customer! Please consider leaving us a review. [Review link].

Hi, [customer name], thanks for stopping by today! Would you please take a moment to leave us some feedback? It should only take a minute. [Review link].

[Customer name], did we do a good job for you today? If so, please consider leaving us a review. [Review link].

It was great seeing you today, [customer name]! Would you kindly consider leaving us a review? [Review link].

Hi, [customer name], it’s [your business name]. If we provided top-notch service to you today, please consider taking a few seconds to leave us a review. [Review link].

As you can see, you don’t need to be stiff and formal! For general services that you offer can get away with a little punch and personality, as long as the crew has done a great job.

These aren’t hard and fast guidelines. There’s no standardized, “right way” to ask your customer for a review. There’s only the way that matches your niche and your audience.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, so you can figure out what will get you the best response.

As a local service provider, you need to get Google reviews. They continue to grow in importance. In fact, Google has started to use reviews in suggested answers when someone asks a question on your Google My Business profile.

Imagine your reviews as answering your customers questions before they even talk to you!

Learn how to create a direct link to leave a review here.