There are more than one billion people who use Instagram. If you’re not already using Instagram to promote your business, or you’re not using the app as effectively as you’d like, these tips could help.

Generating views and interest is straightforward and simple. You only need to understand how Instagram marketing works to use it to your advantage. Without further ado, let’s explore these Instagram marketing tips!

1. Use Stories for Daily Updates

While many of the past social media applications rely solely on text or images, Instagram allows for a wide variety of media. Users can post images, upload videos, and post temporary Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours.

Business owners and advertisers can utilize the Stories feature to keep their account content fresh and exciting. Got a new sale coming up? You can advertise it with an image, video, or mix of both using the Stories feature.

Instagram Stories may also make the perfect outlet for posts that don’t necessarily belong on your primary Feed. For example, if you’re creating an Instagram for a physical location, you may post lighthearted images and videos on your Stories.

Anything from a family of birds living in the tree outside of your restaurant to the winning employee’s Halloween outfit at your retail center could make an interesting and enticing addition to your Stories.

2. Post Images to Highlight Campaigns

You may want to post only the most essential and memorable images and videos for your main Feed. Things like marketing campaigns, sales dates, and examples of incoming items or goods may make excellent Feed posts.

When a potential client or consumer visits your Instagram account page, one of the first things they may do is scroll through your feed. If you’re not able to keep things interesting and relevant, you may their interest.

As such, it’s also a good idea to archive images or posts that are no longer reflective of your company’s policies, culture, inventory, or services. Those hoping to save money now won’t be interested in looking at an advertisement for last May.

When posting still images for marketing campaigns, try to keep colors bright and text large and easy-to-read. This brevity-is-better attitude also applies to Feed videos. The shorter they are, the sweeter they are.

Still, you may have the smartest, neatest, and most applicable Feed in the world and still fail to earn viewers and followers if you’re not incorporating hashtags. 

3. Incorporate Hashtags to Promote Business

Do you know how to use a hashtag? If not, you may not be promoting your posts (and, by extension, your business) as effectively as possible.

Hashtags allow Instagram users to group posts that are alike, making it easier to find desirable content. When a potential customer is on the prowl for new shoes, they might search Instagram’s database using a specific set of key terms.

Some of these terms may be “Italian leather” or “flat-heeled pumps.” The content revealed in the search results will likely have these terms included as hashtags within the description text field.

So, if you run a small cafe, you may want to begin tagging your posts with a standard series of hashtags related to cafes and coffees. #Coffee is a basic but reliable first hashtag one could use. The name of your business could also work as a hashtag.

If this concept still seems somewhat confusing, then you may want to consider hiring a social media manager. These individuals have a comprehensive understanding of advertising, marketing campaigns, and the most popular social media apps.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a Social Media Manager

Business leaders can’t do it all. They require quite a bit of help, often in the form of several high-functioning departments. After all, a business owner without a sales team, manufacturing team, or accounting team may struggle.

The same is often true of a marketing team or director. Should you find that you’re struggling to keep your social media updates consistent and high-quality, then hiring a social media team or manager could help make a positive change. 

Additionally, social media managers often have plenty of experience when it comes to marketing trends. They may be better able to predict and participate in trends that garner new clients’ and customers’ undivided attention.

5. Get Creative and Study the Trends

Instagram is a relatively standard and expected medium for businesses and consumers. Therefore, marketing directors must get creative when coming up with new campaigns.

Many internet users will form an impression within the first three seconds of seeing your website, and the same may be true of social media posts. If your image or video isn’t eye-catching or interesting enough, viewers will scroll past your content.

One way marketers may capitalize on the fluid nature of Instagram’s trends is by studying these trends. Incorporating the right memes, GIFs, music, and hashtags into your account proves exceptional social awareness and participation. 

Use These Instagram Marketing Tips for Success

Now that you’re familiar with these essential Instagram marketing tips, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that your online presence is top-notch. While many consumers and potential clients still view websites, social media is influential as well.

When using Instagram to market your business, you’ll want to upload daily Stories, post images to highlight your sales campaigns, and incorporate catchy hashtags whenever possible. You may also want to hire a social media manager to assist you.

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