The last year was hard on small businesses. And those that have weathered the storm are still looking for new ways to market their business, retain customers, and attract new ones.

If you own a small business you’re probably wondering what marketing tactics you should be using to rejuivinate your business in the coming year. Read the local business marketing tips below to build a successful strategy towards a thriving business.

1. Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to attract online users to your website through commonly searched keywords. Your business can use local SEO to drive traffic to your website but also to your business’s physical location.

When you add relevant keywords to your website pages, your site will be listed higher on Google searches. Click here to learn more about Google ranking and SEO.

2. Connect With Other Local Businesses

Promoting small business locally is easier when you have connections with other local business owners. Part of reaching a local market is buildiing your network of complementary local businesses.

For example, if you own a print media company you could introduce yourself to local restaurant owners that might need flyers or coupons printed. You can use local meetup events or online networking sites to meet other small businesses in your area.

3. Create Local Content

Local businesses usually need to focus marketing on customers within a 50-mile radius. How do you do this? Local content!

Customers want to visit your site and find local news stories, educational content with local references, and pictures of places they recognize. Tailor to your local audience by giving them exactly what they want – local, relevant content. You’ll drive up traffic to your website and likely increase the number of people visiting your business too.

4. Use Facebook Ad Targeting

Your business should be taking advantage of social media to connect with local customers. You can use your social media for positive reviews from happy customers or to offer discounts or specials to loyal customers.

You can also use social media for targeted ads. Using Facebook ad targeting allows you to take everything you’ve learned from local marketing tips and put it to good use. You control the audience of your ad by selecting different demogpahic information including location. 

You can also use your social media to share local content that you’ve drafted and any other special news that customers might be interested in. 

5. Referal Programs

In the past, small businesses relied exclusively on word of mouth marketing. And while technology has changed the landscape of local marketing, you can still use a referral program to increase your clientele.

Offer existing customers an incentive for referring other customers. Publisize the referral program online, on-location, or through an email marketing campaign. Use your loyal fans to grow your customers – it works wonders!

Be a Master of Local Business Marketing

You have all the tools and strategies to succeed in local business marketing. All you have to do now is put them into practice.

Be thoughtful about the content you post, social media sites you choose, and referral programs you offer – make sure that they are authentic to your business.

If you’re looking for help marketing your small business, check out the marketing plans we offer or contact us for more information. 

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