Being small doesn’t mean you cannot be powerful. Small businesses can still make a substantial impact on the digital landscape.

However, when it comes to launching your business online in 2021, you need to be aware of certain SEO tactics that will give your brand an early rankings boost.

Please take a look at our short guide on launching and ranking a small business website in 2021 and find some tips to help you.

Fix Technical SEO Issues

When you are first launching your small business website, you want it to rank well from the get-go. Technical on-page SEO issues may not seem like a high priority when you have to worry about great content and keywords.

But technical SEO errors are some of the most highly penalized mistakes you can make at the early stages. They prevent you from ranking on the first page of results until you can fix them.

Lots of technical mistakes can be made when you are in a rush to meet your launch date. These are mistakes like duplicate content, missing alt tags, broken links, duplicate title tags, and meta descriptions.

Your website may be looking great, but if it is held together by tape and goodwill in the back-end, you are not going to rank. Give yourself a rankings boost by fixing these issues early and staying on top of them from day one.

Optimize for Voice Search

One of the top small business SEO tactics for 2021 is getting into voice search. Voice search is used by digital assistants like Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa to return information from the web when you issue a voice command.

Websites that optimize for voice searches are more likely to appear in featured snippets at the top of the results page. Digital assistants read this information first.

To optimize for voice search, you should focus on long-tail keywords with a conversational style. Include small prepositional words like ‘in, on, at’ in your keyword phrases, which are normally omitted from search terms.

Answer questions directly. People will are much more likely to use a question phrase when stating their search, such as ‘Where can I find a great restaurant?’. They are naturally much longer keywords search terms. So, optimize for these.

Prioritize ‘You’ Content

2021 is the year to move away from content that is all about me, me, me, and focus on how you can give back instead. Shift your focus from creating blog posts like ‘Why our products/services are great’ to ‘How to do X with our products/services’.

How-to content is a great way to earn backlinks from other sites, and more backlinks will mean more eyes on your brand. Take the time to create helpful long-form content that others will share.

Involve Influencers

Love or hate them, influencers are part of the marketing landscape in 2021 and beyond. They can amplify your brand around the web if used correctly.

Keep in mind the rule of the three R’s when reaching out to an influencer. Are they Relevant to your brand? Do they have the Reach? Does their reach have the Resonance?

Big audiences don’t always equate to better. Find someone who fits your brand and work with them.

Focus on These SEO Tactics in 2021

This year in SEO is all about continuing to provide great content and useful applications. Try out these SEO tactics to launch your brand in 2021 and see the impact on your business.

If you are looking for advice on launching your brand this year, take a look at our marketing packages and see how we can help you.