Did you know that brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 33%?

Every value of branding seems to prove itself. 

But, with more brands digging deeper to improve their brand, the way we build our brands advances. 

Here are some branding tips you need to know in 2021. 

1. Find Your Identity

The Myers Briggs and the NEO personality inventory are some popular psychological personality tests that have become industry standards. Although they aren’t perfect, they are some of the best tools we have for standardizing and understand personalities in a logical way. 

Big brands are starting to adopt the idea of “personality” and “archetype” in deep ways to their brand. Even though it might sound a bit abstract or unnecessary, giving your brand a distinct personality can make it easier to understand how you’re perceived, how you communicate, and how to reach your target audience. 

2.Tap Into Psychophysics

Branding is not brand identity. All brand marketers know the basics of color theory. Not only from a design perspective but from a psychological perspective too. New research is consistently studying the impact of form, space, and experience when it comes to a brand’s impact on a person. 

Research in this area is becoming more sophisticated. What was once seen as psychological “woo-woo” is now backed by legitimate science. Neuroscience and psychology’s mental health prominence have paved a way for acceptance in this field. 

3. Social Media Branding Tips 

Social media has changed. It’s finally reaching a point of being able to refer to “traditional” concepts. In the new roaring 20s there won’t be an easy shortcut to connecting with your customers and building a strong presence. 

Consumer expectations along with new user privacy restrictions and changes in search algorithms will change both organic and paid social media efforts. Whether you’re an ad or community manager, your strategies will increasingly change this year. Post-pandemic social media is evolving and the same strategies that worked before aren’t going to get brands as far as they once did. 

4.Upgrade Your Content

Brands need text and visual content to succeed in 2021. Video, quality copy, and an optimization strategy are all necessary for brands to compete in the digital realm. 

There’s really no shortcut to quality content. It takes time and money. But, there are more effective ways to produce it, which is where the guidance from experts helps.

Expect to do more with your blog but possibly be posting less in 2020. An original, well-researched article with original infographic shares once per week will do more than publishing low-quality posts daily.  

Your content strategy needs to have a clear vision and a solid purpose. More investment in UX design and experiential digital experiences like artificial intelligence and augmented reality will grow this year. 

Branding in the New Normal

A collision of new technology, scientific research, and consumer behavior is making it a very exciting time to be in advertising and marketing. As the industry evolves one thing is certain: you need a professional giving you branding tips (not the internet). 

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