For the last year or so, almost everything has revolved around the Covid Pandemic. It altered the way people shop and how or even if they socialized.

In particular, it changed the way that people worked. Once, most people expected that they would physically go to their workplace. Now, a huge percentage of the populace works remotely.

As the world slowly moves back into something resembling normalcy, it means businesses will move out of survival mode. It also means that you may alter your marketing efforts. Keep reading for five marketing tips for small businesses in 2021.

1. Launch Your Website

If the pandemic didn’t prompt you to sit down and get a website up and running, use the end of the pandemic as your reason. As people move out of semi-permanent isolation, they’ll search online for local businesses or entertainment venues.

That means you need a mobile-optimized website up and running.

2. Get Your SEO in Order

A lot of people launched side hustles or full-time online businesses in the last year. That means you’ll face more competition than ever in the search engine results. One of the best ways you can combat all of that competition is through SEO.

One of the best marketing ideas is for you to get your on-page SEO in order. Focus on things like image optimization, good user experience, and lots and lots of solid content. In fact, we’ll talk more about content in the next section.

3. Plan Your Content Marketing

Good content doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result, at least in part, of good planning. If you write content on the fly, you’ll forget to talk about important stuff.

Create an editorial calendar with topics or titles planned out at least three to six months in advance.

4. Brand Yourself

A lot of businesses launch without thinking through their brands. Take the time and work out your brand messages.

That means figuring out your story, your values, and how you’ll express those things in your content and marketing.

5. Get Help

No one excels at all parts of marketing because there is too much ground. If you’re falling short in some area of marketing, find a marketing firm with experience or specialization in that area.

You’ll see far better results than you can expect if you try to learn it all as you go. Trial-and-error is often more expensive and painful than it’s worth.

Leveraging Marketing Tips

When it comes to leveraging marketing tips, make choices based on where your business is at right now. Don’t revamp your website if you see solid traffic already.

Pay close attention to your SEO efforts. SEO changes all the time, which means your strategy must evolve over time as well. It’s the one thing you must consistently revisit.

If you’re not planning out your content, you’re making life hard for yourself. Planning keeps the process on point and sane.

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