A great business idea is hopeless without a solid marketing strategy. With so many ways to market, it is hard to know what is most effective.

Small business marketing is about big ideas that save time and money. Below we’ve listed our top five ideas to showcase your business!

1. Guerilla Marketing

This is a fast and inexpensive way to market your business. Guerilla marketing is a form of advertising in which a business uses unexpected or unconventional tactics. It is effective at attracting new customers from attention-grabbing tactics. 

A few promotional ideas using guerilla marketing from past companies are: McDonald’s painting a sidewalk to look like their fry boxes or Ikea creating a living room in a Paris subway station. Guerilla marketing can work on any budget. The most important factor is creativity because these kinds of campaigns need to stand out and draw audiences in.

2. Content Recycling

If you are bootstrapping and just starting, it can be difficult to constantly create. We recommend recycling your content that has done well in the past. You can repurpose this content to fit a different medium.

If you have a TikTok that went viral, reshare the video on Instagram Reels. If an Instagram post performed well, share it on your Facebook page.

3. Advertise

When it comes to small business advertising, free is not always best. If you want to reach your goals fast, you might have to spend some money.

Facebook offers free marketing consultations to tell you how to best create a Facebook ad. Take advantage of these free resources before you pay for an ad.

Once you are ready to promote, know what variables you are testing an image, a caption, a link, and then pivot from your analytics. Know with advertising, especially lower-cost methods like Facebook and Instagram, it will require a few tries to yield a high return.

Once you’ve found an ad that works on, you can use the same winning ad on a more expensive platform like Google.

4. Email Marketing

Email is gold. You need a website and consistent email marketing to retain and attract new customers. Create a pop-up incentive on your website for people to enter their emails. Once you have a potential customer’s email address, you are in control of communication.

When it comes to social media, algorithms affect, who interacts with the content you put out, you might have 10,000 followers, but maybe only 20% see the content due to the algorithm. With email, there are no algorithms, and that alone gives you so much power.

5. Offline Networking

In-person marketing is often neglected in today’s digital world. However, word of mouth is still one of the most reliable forms of marketing. Look for speaking opportunities at tradeshows, industry events, alumni events, and more. 

Small Business Marketing Wins

Follow the five tips above, and you are set up for a small business marketing win. They have a mix of offline and online marketing and branding ideas. They also provide strategies to engage new and old audiences. 

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