First impressions matter, even online. Your website has the potential to win over customers. Not only that but good web design can even boost your Search Engine rankings. 

Think of your website as your calling card. It’s your chance to introduce yourself to potential customers.

Your site design impacts how customers feel about your brand. Website design also influences what customers buy and how much time they spend.

Read on to learn why good web design is so vital for your small business.  

Shows That You Are Trustworthy

Aside from introducing website visitors to your brand, your website builds trust. A beautifully designed website will show your visitors that you’re a legitimate operation. It shows you put time and effort into your small business.

When customers check your website, they should find answers to common questions. Think opening hours, contact details, and products/services descriptions.

Don’t underestimate the need for good copywriting. Clear, concise language shows that you know what you’re talking about. 

Improves Your SEO

A good website design improves your SEO ranking. Did you know Google considers your web design when ranking websites? Google calls these design aspects of your website “Core Web Vitals”.

It uses them to determine how pleasant it will be for a visitor to spend time on your website. Google analyzes how long your pages take to load, layout shifts, and interactivity.

Also, keep in mind Google takes into consideration your bounce rate and time spent on your site.

Helps You Sell

No matter what you’re offering, website design will help you sell. Not only because you rank higher and increase trust. A well-designed website will lead your customer towards closing the sale.

If it’s too hard to find the checkout or contact button, they’ll become discouraged. Use web design to keep customers ready to engage with you. 

This means the shopping experience is nicer for your customer. And the easier it is to find what they’re looking for, the easier to buy.

Leads to Positive User Experience

A good website design will take into account what people are trying to do on your website. The user experience, or how the user interacts with your site, is key.

When you know what should happen on your site, you can better pick from website types. If you design your website to be intuitive for a user, they’ll stay longer. Not only that, they’ll know how to find what they’re looking for.

Don’t forget mobile either in all of this! People are more likely to recommend your site to others if the mobile version is appealing.

Website visitors are goal-oriented and want to find information quickly. Google web development researchers recommend making your mobile site easy to navigate 

Use Web Design to Succeed

A well-designed website gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can sell better, and answer customer questions.

What’s more, web design influences user experience. That, in turn, impacts customer opinion about your company.

Working with a web design company is a great option to get started on improving your site. Be sure to check out our custom, proprietary, and beautifully designed website offerings.