Brand recognition is one of the highest predictors of brand selection. Market research shows over 70% of customers and 80% of investors must recognize a brand before they spend money on it.

As a small business, you may not have built-in brand recognition like large companies. An effective local small business marketing strategy will build brand awareness in your area.

Networking, commercial ads, and flyers are traditional methods that work well. But online marketing for local businesses also has many benefits.

Do you want to incorporate digital marketing into your local business marketing services? Read on for a quick guide to digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a valuable tool for any company, from megacorporate global ad strategies to online marketing for local businesses.

It works with a search engine’s algorithm to increase your digital content’s indexing. Higher indexing means higher rankings on search results.

SEO is key because 70% of your potential customers stop on the first search results page. You want to be the top result their eyeballs see. Getting stuck on the second page can lose you valuable customer visibility.

Local SEO also optimizes your ranking based on location. It makes you a top result when people search businesses nearby.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be especially effective for local business marketing. Social media connects you on a personal level to your customers. Customers satisfied with your product or services will share your content for free.

Instagram ads reach a whopping 20% of the world’s population. Facebook is even higher at 36%. Online marketing for local businesses won’t generally need a global audience. But social media ads can still increase your brand awareness in big ways.

Social media also has analytic tools that help you gain insights about your customers and what content generates leads. You can tailor your future content strategies around what works best for your customers.

Other Digital Content Marketing

Along with social media, online marketing for local businesses can include blogs, newsletters, and emails. It may also include multimedia content like videos, photos, and graphics.

Content marketing blogs can be a great way to increase your SEO and generate social media content. They also improve your authority and trust with your customers.

Hire Digital Marketing Experts

Using a local business marketing agency might be the most effective digital marketing strategy for you. You may not have the time, resources, or inclination to generate consistent social media campaigns and SEO-driven blog posts.

A marketing agency has digital marketing experts ready to go. If your local business can’t afford to waste too much time building a customer base, using an agency can give you a crucial boost.

Start Your Local Small Business Marketing Strategy Today

Local small business marketing is the key to your success. Without it, customers will buy from businesses they already recognize. You want to be the brand they know and trust.

For more information on digital marketing for local businesses, contact us today.

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