It’s no secret that businesses need an online presence to survive. Currently,  approximately 71% of small businesses have a website. Thanks to the effect of COVID-19 on online shopping, that number will likely increase in the coming years. 

However, having a website isn’t enough. Instead, you need a way to ensure customers can find your website online.

After all, search engines have thousands of companies in their results list. It’s easy for your company to become lost in the weeds. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to make your business stand out online! The best local business marketing methods can help people in your area discover your services on Google and other engines. We’ll explore three of the best marketing campaign tactics for this in the guide below. 

1. Tailor Your Keywords to Local Business Marketing

Keyword optimization is an excellent way to boost your digital marketing performance. However, a local business’s keyword usage will differ from that of massive corporations. 

Local small business marketing prioritizes customers in the locale. So, you need a way to help customers in your area discover your services.

Fortunately, local SEO options exist that can help with this. One of the best methods is to include the name of your town in your keywords. For example, one of your keywords could be “best cleaners in Wilmington.” 

2. Re-Engage Customers with Email Marketing

Online marketing for local businesses doesn’t focus solely on gaining new customers. Instead, it also uses tactics to keep current customers engaged. 

Local businesses have a much stronger relational component than transnational corporations. People in your town know you and want to support your services. In return, they need to know what value you offer them. 

That’s when email marketing comes in. Getting customers to subscribe to a mailing list allows you to sustain contact with them.

You can use this email list to inform them of new sales, offer exclusive discounts, or even provide a newsletter. This way, customers feel like they’re part of a community. 

3. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Like it or not, social media plays a significant role in our society. These platforms drive discussion and conversation at all levels, from entertainment to politics. 

Even if you’re not a social media person, these platforms provide opportunities to grow your business presence. For example, you can join local discussion services to get involved in local issues. 

This business marketing technique is more subtle. It increases awareness of your company without needing a sales pitch. Likewise, these discussion groups can improve your branding by making you seem active in communal discourse. 

Find a Local Business Marketing Agency

Local business marketing can be a challenge, especially if you lack a large staff. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. Instead, your business can partner with local business marketing services to improve your online presence. 

To that end, consider working with us! We offer excellent packages to help small businesses improve their online marketing. Some of our services include content creation, search engine optimization, and social media management. 

If these appeal to you, don’t hesitate! Contact us today to find the right package for your business.