If your brand were a human body, then your website would be its face. This means that, in a matter of seconds, a viewer has likely already made their mind up about your brand. 

So, the presentation and function of your website are no trivial matter. If you want to ensure that your website isn’t cramping your brand’s style, we’ve provided 6 web design tips that will make sure that your clients think it’s love at first sight!

So, if you want the lowdown on designing a website of that caliber, keep reading. 

1. Make It Mobile Friendly

Gone are the days when the mobile option for a website seemed like a pretentious luxury. Nowadays the majority of visitors will likely be viewing your site from a tablet or smartphone. So, if you haven’t thought about this, you may be unwittingly alienating a large group of potential clients.

2. Less Is More

Pardon the cliche, but there is no better way of putting it. Keep in mind how fast-paced current technology has made the world we live in. This principle should guide a lot of how you structure and present your brand. If a visitor is overwhelmed with information and proverbial “bells and whistles” on your site, you risk the chance of them getting frustrated and finding other sites that are more accessible. 

Your product and contact information should be the beacons of your main page. If you want to expand your content, make sure it’s presented in an uncluttered and discreet manner. Above all, your site should be accessible and easy to navigate.

3. Provide Meaningful Content

A good brand is closely tied to its values and a small business website is an amazing platform to promote them. Meaningful content like blogs or news sections will help visitors see how passionate your brand is about what it does.

So think about the customer’s needs and tailor your content to attract them to your product or services. This will help your visitors to build long-term bonds with your brand even if they don’t talk money initially. 

4. Harness the Power of SEO

A strong SEO strategy will help your website keep afloat in the ocean of search engine results, so make sure you do your homework. Every part of your site should consider SEO practices. As you come up with new ideas for designing a website, make sure you double-check how it affects your results. 

5. Don’t Forget Social Media

Social Media tools on your website are indispensable for sharing your brand’s message. Including “sharing” tools for the popular social media platform can make the spread of your brand more effective. Just as the mobile-friendly option will widen the scope of who can see your site, social media links have similar benefits. 

6. Create a Strong Call to Action

A call to action impels your visitors to interact with your brand in some way. Building a site with strong calls to action means that your visitors know exactly what they have to do if they want your product or services. They know where to click, they don’t have to fumble through your site to contact you or know how to obtain your product.

Just like the “less is more” principle mentioned at the outset, a weak call to action could result in a visitor finding more value in your competitor’s brand. 

The Greatest Web Design Tip of All!

While these web design tips are accessible to anyone thinking about designing a website for their brand, web development is not for everyone. The greatest of the web design ideas here is this one: Leave it to the pros! A website is like a living organism. Making sure that your website is constantly meeting its potential is not a one-off job.

So, why not contact our team and ensure that your brand gets a website that is head and shoulders above the rest?