5 Fantastic Web Design Tips To Help Your Site Standout From The Rest

The digital age has certainly changed the way the world conducts business. You can sell almost any product or service […]
August 24, 2020


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The digital age has certainly changed the way the world conducts business. You can sell almost any product or service online, communication is at maximum efficiency, and nearly anyone can become an online entrepreneur. 

However, there are downsides to being a business owner in our thriving capitalistic society. Namely, it’s quite difficult to stand out in a crowd of thousands of competitors in your industry. However, we can help.

If you’re looking to make a big impact online, keep reading for our top web design tips to make it happen.

1. Incorporate an Engaging Blog

When people choose to do business with a company, they do so cautiously. Did you know 88 percent of consumers research products and services online before they invest? Why not take advantage of this and put products and information in the same place?

One of the best web design tips is to add a blog to your website full of engaging and relevant articles. When people research questions pertaining to your industry they’ll find not only the answers but also the products/services they need on your site.

2. Maximize Your SEO

You can have the most beautifully designed website in the world, but without SEO, you’re never going to get the traffic you want or need. Search engine optimization is an algorithm used by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to find relevant data based on keyword searches. When people search for products, services, or information in your field, will they find your website?

Maximize your SEO by adding a blog as detailed above. Additionally, every page of your website needs to be coded with keywords, internal and external links, and multiple forms of media embedded with metadata.

3. Create Links to Your Social Media Accounts

Putting links to your social media accounts throughout your website is one of the most important web design tips. You can put individual links or ads in your articles. However, there need to be social media icons at the top, bottom, or side of every page.

These keep users engaged with your brand and more likely to visit and follow you on social media.

4. Learn How to Guide Users Where You Want Them

One of the top web design tips is all about guiding website traffic to specific locations. For example, each article you post should include several internal links guiding users to product pages, your contact page, or other articles. 

The links should fit organically into the text so it doesn’t seem forced or overly aggressive. You can also use landing pages or pop-up windows to encourage people to join your email list, visit the products page, take advantage of an exclusive offer, etc.

5. Optimize User-Friendliness

Lastly, remember that our society is all about efficiency. Your website needs to be fast and provide an intuitive user experience. They shouldn’t have any trouble navigating your page.

You should also consider integrating a chatbot into your website to give users 24/7 access to communication and/or answers about your company and it’s products or services.

Want More Web Design Tips?

If you’re looking for more web design tips or need help getting started, we’re here for you. Check out our website design services or feel free to contact us with any questions.