Well, we do just about all of it.

Whatever “it” is that you need, we can help you with it.

What we love is setting you up to succeed.

Buzzhive.net’s goal is to not just create a great product with the most up to date standards and design; but to give you control.  Every projects starts with you (our customer).  It’s not about us…it’s about you.

When building an online presence for you, whether as a basic brochure site or full-featured e-commerce solution…it’s about your needs, not ours.  Buzzhive.net wants to empower you to control the product we’ve created for you.  We LOVE content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, ModX, etc. that make it easy for you to edit and update your product once we’ve customized and built it for you.

Print projects like flyers, business cards, catalogs, banners, etc. will have you involved from step one.  We will not only listen to your ideas, but implement them.  If you’re not happy…we aren’t either.

There is enough repetition and cookie-cutter solutions on the internet and in general.  We want your Buzz to stand out…let’s get going!