As a Buzzhive Marketing Affiliate, we give you the tools to find clients that need your help.  Within minutes, you can become a marketing solution for businesses in your area as a consultant backed by the marketing and design strength of the Buzzhive Team.

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Get It Done With Us

In the Buzzhive Affiliate Program, our experts train you in understanding and process for marketing, sales and design.  We train you how to find optimial clients for you, give them the answers & solutions they need…all while making a commission.


Our training programs allow you to go at your own pace and review as needed.

Flat Rate

As you train and build your client base while only paying a flat fee and keeping 100% of your profits.

take over

Once your client base is built and you have completed your training and are ready to manage your clients…you can take over.  When these accounts become yours, the commision changes as well.  Translation: You make more money.

Ready To Get Started?

tools & training & Resources

Buzzhive Affiliates have access to an online portal and membership to a network of resources to support your new marketing efforts.

Whether you are focusing on web design, SEO marketing, mobile app solutions or all of the above…we set you up as an expert right away.

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feature-img-2-2 Affiliates

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Our training does not only have to do with the tecnical aspects of the services offered, but also your relationship with your customers.  Our goal is to build your business and you help your clients build theirs.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We help you manage your clients, plan your communication and offer the right solutions for the actual need.  The Buzzhive Affiliate offerings can be your full business offerings or an addition to what you are already doing.

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Ready To Get Started?

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