Annual Social Media Content Creation

When you are working with multiple locations under a single, unified brand…things can get tricky.  The brand needs to be protected, but the more you grow, the harder it is to manage social media with multiple locations.

Either you ignore social media, farm it out to someone else who doesn’t care about your brand the same way you do…or you take control.

Our suggestion is to offer your locations a solution, providing a framework that fits your brand and messaging.

The Buzzhive solution is to work with your team to create 52 (one post per week) social media posts for a content library to be used by your network.  Your experts would help create the content and message, then our team of creatives would build out that content with a cohesive design. 

Example List of Social Media Library

6 – Product Highlight Videos*
6 – Expert Talking Head Videos*
6 – Problem/Solution (Before/After) Galleries*
12 – Product Feature Images*/Graphics
12 – Product or Final Job Galleries*
10 – Holiday Posts

AdobeSpark-Banner Annual Social Media Content Creation

This library would also include content templates for videos, images, products, testimonies, highlights, etc. that could be used with Adobe Spark.

swync-download-android-ios Annual Social Media Content Creation