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Understanding SEO Metrics

The amount of people that use the internet has grown tremendously since 2000. From a mere 400 million users to almost 5 billion, without a doubt, the internet is part of many people's lives. Because of this, the internet is one of the best tools for helping a business...

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Tips on How to Get Your Searches to Rank on Google

So, you've spent a lot of time and money developing a great website for your business. But then you notice that your site will only rank highly on Google if you search for your exact business name and location? This means that you're not doing a great job on your SEO...

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5 Must Have Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Results

When you're a small business that relies on local purchases or clients, it's important that you show up in local search results. You need to compete with other businesses around you, especially if you're up against big-box stores and companies. How can you make that...

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SEO 101: How to Measure SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the best way to get your business online traffic. But are you wondering how to measure SEO performance? A few key metrics analyze how successful your website is at SEO. Let's explore why SEO is important and how to measure it for...

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6 Tips on How to Improve Your Local SEO Performance

Of all of the mobile searches in the world each day, more than 30% of them are related to location. It makes sense because anytime people are doing a search for a place to go to, whether it be a store or restaurant, they want to go somewhere nearby. This is...

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Useful Insights: Why Your Website Needs a Content Audit

Where is your content marketing program in relation to your goals? Where do you want to go? The only way to find out is through a content audit. A content audit is a core part of your program because it allows you to figure out what content serves you as you shape...

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Qualities of a Marketing Plan for a Franchise

For a franchise to be successful, its marketing plan has to be exceptional. Marketing for a franchise is quite different from marketing for regular private and public businesses. Franchises must have strong, identifiable brands, and work towards building customer...

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Profitable Business Ideas in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way companies in most industries operate. Unfortunately, it's a strong possibility that some industries may disappear entirely. The news isn't all bad, though— newer business owners now have a handful of opportunities...

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What Does the SEO Acronym Stand For?

It's no secret that you'll need a strong Internet presence in order to maximize the number of leads your company is able to acquire. This is especially true now that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most businesses to shift toward digital forms of communication. It's...

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5 Digital Marketing Skills to Learn in 2020

 Advertising, promotion, and marketing managers have a great job outlook with an expected growth of 8% per year through 2028. They also make good money with a median annual wage of about $125,000 per year.  Are you a digital marketer or hoping to learn the...

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Do I Need a Website

We all know that in this day and age a lot of business happens on the internet, yet time and time again, people still question the importance and value of having a website. We would like to discuss a few very common reasons that we hear for NOT having a website. My...

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