The experts at Buzzhive have written a series of guides to help you discover the answer to “knowing what you don’t know”. If you are at the starting line of a new venture, these guides can help you prepare and be less surprised as you move forward in your business journey.

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The “Thinking About It…” series of guides was created to help anyone thinking about coming up to the starting line.

Your starting line may be entrepreneurship. Your starting line may be doing your own marketing for your own business. Your starting line may be franchising your successful business. Your starting line may be aggressive or just a thought. These guides are to help you think about the Big Picture.

Whenever any of us start, we don’t know what we don’t know. We want you to know more. So that when you start, you start faster, stronger, leaner, and more effective in reaching your goals.

Our guides are not written to be cumbersome or to impress you with our expertise. These easy-to-read (even scan-able as needed) books are written to guide you to the questions you need to answer to help grow your business or online entity. You can’t make good decisions without good information. We want to guide you to the right information so that you can make the right decisions for you.