Buzzhive Theme Design Spotlight: Burlington

Not all Mondays are motivational, sometimes you need a bit of a boost to start your day, week, or business.  Well, […]
November 19, 2019


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Not all Mondays are motivational, sometimes you need a bit of a boost to start your day, week, or business.  Well, that’s why it’s so important to get the right motivators in our life.  Coaching is always very important in growth and development. Some need a personal coach to help you work on yourself as an individual. Others seek a coach that can help maximize their business potential. Either way, the benefits are always very real. Other people are just really good at being self-motivated, the rest, need a little more of a boost. Even if you are self-motivated it is still very important to have good coaching to keep you accountable and on track.  The best athletes in the world still have coaches and still need trainers to keep them performing at their best, or helping them get back on track when things aren’t all that pretty. Take any athlete from any era or sport and what you will find is people that are extremely self-motivated and driven. You just have to have that character trait to get to that level. So coaching or training is important for everyone on every level. Even coaches need help, and in this case, it comes in the form of a very well built modern website.

Burlington is one of our new designs that is a great fit for that type of individual.  Having a clean and organized message on your website with access to education, tools, resources, and more is very important. Nowadays, everything can be found online, including a good coach for whatever area of life you need. That is why it’s so key to make sure your coaching, consulting, or training brand has a very clear message online. Additionally, your website can become a way for them to stay connected, and have an additional level of motivation, education, & inspiration.  It all depends on you as the coach to use the tools available to you to make that happen.  We set out to create something that fills those needs. Also, we really dig this design for a variety of different applications. If you love the design but have a different industry you are working in, then you are in luck! All of our templates can be customized to fit your needs, industry, branding, or color palette.  Check out Burlington and contact us for more info.