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There is power in marketing

We know that we can help you grow.  No doubt.

What we don’t know is what your budget is.  What you are currently doing for marketing. What your expectations are.  How aggressive your competition is.

We can and will find the answers to all of these questions, but we know that EVERY CLIENT – EVERY MARKET – EVERY SITUATION is unique so we can’t tell you exactly what to expect…except growth.

Our job is to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  Sometimes that gap takes longer to cross and sometimes we are amazed at how quickly it happens.

Below are some stories (with real data) of how businesses have been transformed by the Buzzhive Marketing process.

Multi-location beauty services business


This client had been using a marketing client for years who claimed to be doing paid advertising + organic optimization.  Come to find out, all that was being done was paid (no organic) and the paid campaigns were going to a different site.  Not our client’s site.  This meant that ending the relationship would remove all marketing with no history or momentum built.  They had also seen a recent dip in traffic.


We initially only offered them the piece they were missing, which was organic search engine optimization on their own site with a small budget.  This regained their lost traffic numbers in the first month (see red arrow where we began our work).  A few months later (without telling us), the client shut down the paid campaign they had been doing with the prior marketing company (see green arrow)…and their traffic decreased 50%.  Our solution was to triple the organic budget and they regained their traffic again and we held steady for a year.  When asked what could be done to increase traffic, we suggested an even deeper delve into organic search optimization (adding diversity) and to allow us to create a paid advertising campaign to fit with our organic campaign.  With this, the traffic increased 75% and with new additions to their focus keywords and ideas they have more than doubled.


The amount of keywords (search terms) that you are known for is one of the primary factors that builds authority and trust with the search engines.  If the search engines trust you, they will rank you higher and offer you as the best possible search result.  This client is known for over 2,000 keywords and ranks highly for them.  With continued marketing, this will only grow.  This is the perfect example of the marketing momentum that we strive for.  We want to build a snowball of marketing that takes over your market.

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To protect the innocent, let’s say this client was paying $10k for paid ads (only) from a previous provider.  We offered to support that with organic search engine optimization.  We began our campaign (see the red arrow) and in this very competitive market, they doubled their traffic (see green arrow).  Let’s say (for comparison’s sake) they spent $1,000 on the organic campaign.


Now that they had more traffic than they had every hoped for, they cancelled their paid marketing at its peak and remained with our meager (in comparison to the full budget) paid campaign.  This abrupt change brought forth poor traffic results.  Because organic is all about momentum, the decline took a few months.


At the writing of this, we are 14 days (blue arrow) into a new campaign, still lower than their original campaign, but have already increased traffic in this short time.

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professional services provider

We built the site for this client from nothing.  The domain did not even exist.  Once the site was live (red arrow), we began our campaign and they rose (from nothing) to over 350 visitors in two months.  Then then decided that they didn’t want to pay for marketing until they were making money (blue arrow).  They then dropped in traffic volume and continue to drop.  The organic momentum we build kept them up, but they did not continue to rise.

Let us ask you this question:

If you have $1,000 left in your account and you this was the last month you were able to keep your business running.  What you spend that money on?  Probably a way to get people in the door.  That’s marketing.  Do that first.

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real estate buy & sell

Similar to the professional services client we mentioned, this client put a lot of money into a campaign for almost 3 months.  It worked.  Then they stopped…and nothing worked.


‘Build and they will come’ is not a good online marketing strategy.