Client Spotlight: My Global Plumbing

We have clients that come to us with different types of needs and goals. Some are more focused on web […]
August 22, 2019


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We have clients that come to us with different types of needs and goals. Some are more focused on web design, some are in need of new or better functionality. Others need both because their current website was built before we had NetZero internet. In this clients spotlight, the client needed the full package. My Global Plumbing is a plumbing company located in Sacramento, CA and they had a very outdated website that didn’t connect any of the other online platforms that connect them with their clients. We hope in this breakdown you can learn about our approach to a project of this type.


Our first goal was to give them a fresh new look that was modern but not cheesy. When you think of plumbing you don’t think of edgy web design or out of the box format but we still wanted to give them a new updated look. The site features subtle yet clean references to the plumbing industry without beating you over the head with what they do. Also, their previous website was dark and gloomy so we went for a lighter fresher color palate to give the change a bit more wow factor for existing clients that are seeing this as a redesign vs. a brand new website. We added subtle design features like showing the companies that they work with to give the customers a snapshot of who they work with at the same time breaking things up by featuring their logos as a design element.

Reorganization and New Features

Additionally, we needed to reorganize their content so that they could help new clients looking for a plumber figure out if they are a good fit. Next, our next goal was to add features that they didn’t have that would help new and current clients. One of those features was a testimonial page. This page has two objectives, first to help new customers see some of the reviews that our client has on other platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Home Advisor, second give their current customers an easy one-stop-shop page that has all their review pages linked. This is important because then clients only have to go to one page on their website to find their favorite review platform versus trying to find them on those platforms to give them a review. Once more providing an efficient and user-friendly experience for the customer and making it easy for customers to find and give testimonies.

Call To Action

Another issue they had with their previous website was that the client didn’t really have an easy way for customers to contact them. So we made sure that the call actions were placed in many different places on the website so at any given point of checking out this site their customers can quickly get in touch with our client. Some areas feature the phone number and some areas have a contact form that they can use to send our client a direct message. This is important because not everyone calls or tests and not everyone emails, so we tried to appeal to both types of customer.

Blog and Onsite SEO

Lastly, we set up a blog page that our client is now using to share their experience, tips, advice and much more with new and potential clients. This is key in the modern era of websites and marketing for two reasons. First, it gives customers doing research on plumbing companies more reason to pick you vs. your competition because this show in blog posts that they are an experienced company that knows what they are doing. Second, it shows search engines like google that they are constantly providing their visitors with content that is valuable and important to their industry. The more they do that the more search engines will rank them higher for more keywords, resulting in more traffic to their site, and more business potential.

Objective Complete

Our goal is to always treat each client the same regardless of their project type. Regardless of the budget, regardless of what client it is we try to keep the same approach with what we do. This project is not a big project but we wanted to show our attention to detail as well as how we help them achieve the goals that they have with their website. Our next step with this client will be to help them grow online and get the website traffic volume that they are trying to get. If you enjoyed this post let us know if you want to see more posts like this. If you are looking for someone to help you with your next website or online marketing campaign, please contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a free consultation and hopefully help you with your next Goal.