Standard eBook Creation – The standard package costs $150 based on a straight text digital format  – from Word, PDF and Html – of 200 pages or less being converted to Kindle & ePub.  This automatically includes the fully completed cover as part of the book.

Other Source Formats – Other source formats cost $40 per format extra.

Other Output Formats – If you wish your book in any other formats than ePub or Kindle it will cost $40 per format extra.

201-300 pages – .35 per page extra then,
301-400 pages – .25 per page extra then,
401+                – .15 per page extra

A straight text book, such as a fiction book, will be charged at a different rate from a non-fiction book with images and more complex formatting. Contact us for more details or a quote. (We will need to know the details of the book.)

Images – The images on your cover and first page of the chapters (if required) in your book are included in cost. The cost afterwards depends on the amount, size and intended layout. Contact us for more details or a quote.  Images not provided to buzzhive.net that need to be purchased or created will be done so at additional cost.  Buzzhive.net DOES NOT upcharge for stock photos/images purchased from 3rd party sites (ie. istockphoto.com, gettyimages.com, etc.)

Table of Contents – Active table of contents can make all the difference to the enjoyment of a fiction or non-fiction book. A good table of contents helps the reader find their way around the book. Depending on the index they can be quite time consuming to do. Please Contact us for more details or a quote.

Website Design – It is important to have a website to promote your book and yourself. EBooks by Design can create and design your website for you. Contact us for a quote.

Publishing – We do not charge to upload your books to the various retailers’ websites using your own accounts. If you wish to use our EBooks by Design accounts to publish your book there will be a $40 upload fee and a 5% commission on sales.

Bulk Pricing – We offer reduced prices to authors or publishers who have multiple titles to convert when they are scheduled at the same time. Contact us for a quote.

We reserve the right to charge a higher rate than those quoted above.


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