Franchise Marketing Solutions

Owning Your Service and Your Brand Online

Your franchise business, franchise locations and entire corporation depend on you to deliver calls, leads, and revenue on a national scale.  Your brand needs to be the online authority for what you offer.  The best solution and answer to questions asked on search engine like Google. Our franchise marketing campaigns are all about building true marketing momentum and authority that leads to results.

own-your-franchise-brand Franchise Marketing Solutions

we are your all-in-One solution

Check out our Automation & Messaging Platform for Franchises

The Buzzhive All-in-One platform is built to manage a Business’s Follow up, two-way texting, pipeline, scheduling, and so much more.


Built for Franchises.



Buzzhive Marketing creates a competitive and innovative online presence for your franchise while maintaining a consistent and identical brand across all locations and owners.

Paid & Organic Marketing

We help your franchise brand get found locally online, helping more people find you, starting today!  Using online marketing techniques for SEO and Lead Generation to build on-site page and off-site domain authority.


Our basic structure for franchise pricing is based on a ‘per franchise’ fee.  We know that all franchises and brands compete on different levels and in different service areas, but we do know that all franchise locations need what we offer here.

If you, the franchise owner, are looking to offer this national branding as part of your franchisee package or looking to manage this for your locations, contact us today for corporate level pricing.

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8 Tips for Marketing Your Franchise

Attracting customers to your business is a key element to its success. Franchise marketing is particularly important because you have to make your national brand appeal to your local audience. Some of the strategies that make sense on a corporate level will need to be...