All in one Marketing Platform

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization done right.  White-hat, organic authority building.  Let Google work for you.

Social Media

We partner with you to proactively post quality content, consistently, to help you engage your audience.

Paid Lead Generation

You set your budget to purchase visibility and leads in Google and/or Facebook.

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Get found online

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Lead Gen

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Awareness is the uppermost stage of the marketing funnel. Potential customers are drawn into this stage through marketing campaigns and consumer research and discovery.   We build your visibility through organic and paid content.


In the consideration stage, leads have been changed into marketing qualified leads and are seen as prospective customers.  We nurture this interest with automated engagement, retargeting and more.


This is it!  This is the last stage in the marketing funnel, where a prospect has made the decision to buy and turns into a customer. This is where you take care of the purchase transaction. A positive experience on the part of the buyer can lead to referrals or review that fuels the top of the marketing funnel, and the process begins again.

Why the Platform?

  • You get a FULL-SERVICE agency.
  • You get a platform and system made specifically for Garage Force and their solutions for the concrete floor coating industry.
  • Our entire team costs less to you than 1 marketing position at your company.
  • You get an agency that knows the industry.
  • You get an agency that has proven results.
  • You get an agency full of specialists.
  • You have an entire team that understands your business to help you succeed.
    You don’t have to become an expert on the areas managed – PPC, Facebook Ads, SEO, Local SEO, Web Development, Social Media, Reputation Management, Automations, Email Marketing, and more.
  • You get a team that’s already vetted for you.
  • You don’t have to pay $1000’s in software and online tools for digital marketing.
  • We track everything! We track where the leads come from, and where the calls are coming from.



For users, your website is your best employee, easily and quickly offering all the right answers.  It also helps people connect to you quickly.  Your website is the hub of our online presence and is created for people and optimized for search engines. Your Garage Force website loads super fast, from anywhere in the world. 

Organic SEO

The term “organic SEO” or “organic search engine optimization” refers to the organic methods and strategies used to obtain high search rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The word organic is used to delineate between non-paid methods of SEO and PPC, the paid methods of SEM (search engine marketing).  We build your online, organic authority through methods of content creation on and off of your website.

Review Platform

Online reviews have increasingly become the front to your digital reputation. Reviews help you get noticed, lead to more sales, improve search engine rankings, inform your business, and convince customers to pick up the phone and call you.  Our platform helps you easily get and manage your online reviews…wherever they come from.

Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post.  We will create targeted social media content for your local brand which perfectly aligns with your audience and their needs.  The standard all-in-one platform includes weekly posts, but we offer more frequency depending on your needs.

Lead Automation

Lead automation encompasses a variety of touchpoints where leads can enter your sales funnel: PPC campaigns, social media, landing pages, website, phone calls, and more. When you generate leads, automation kicks in to put them in the right place at the right time.

Tracking and Results

Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It also entails applying data patterns towards effective decision-making.

Sounds technical, huh?

With our intuitive analytics dashboard, you have full visibility to see your visibility, engagement, and spend.  We make it easy for you to get the information you need to make the best decisions for growth.

You only have to worry about covering your ad-spend, closing jobs and hiring your crew.


Name Your Budget

A paid campaign in Facebook or Google  will get you the most visibility the quickest.  Your ad will be seen by thousands.

Paid campaigns are affected by two major factors: Budget & Quality.

BUDGET is obviously a key component.  The more you have to spend, the more times you show up.  If your budget is $1000/month and your competition is spending $2000, they will show up (at least) double the number of times you do.  If you have three competitors and their spending is the same as yours, you’re still going to only have 25% of the impressions share…based purely on budget.

Your QUALITY affects how much Facebook or Google trusts you.  So, if you are completely equal in spending with your competition, but Facebook/Google trusts you more, you will get top billing for impressions.  The reverse is also true.  Your quality is affected by the quality of your account, site, following, etc.

You can’t affect what your competition is doing in budget or content you can only respond to it.

But What Should I Spend?

It depends on how aggressive you want or need to be.  What is your competition doing?  What is the market like right now?

We typically suggest spending a minimum of 5% of your gross income on marketing to continue growth. 

You can’t make good decisions without good information.

In order to know the right answer to ‘How much should I spend?’, you have to know what is working and what is not working.  After the first 30 days of a paid campaign, you will know how much visibility you are getting from your budget.  Every platform is different, but you will also have analytics to help drive better decisions based on competition, performance and engagement.

AND…you will have us on your team to help make the decision that fits you best.