How to Find the Best Sacramento SEO Company

If you haven’t started using SEO yet, you’ve got some significant ground to cover. This is not an optional marketing […]
February 16, 2018


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If you haven’t started using SEO yet, you’ve got some significant ground to cover.

This is not an optional marketing strategy. On the contrary, a company’s SEO performance is often fundamental in many other online initiatives.

What if you don’t know what you’re doing? Or even worse, if you’ve already tried SEO and been penalized?

Sounds like you need a team of experts to help you out. Better yet, you need one in Sacramento so you can work closely together.

Here’s everything you need to do to find the best Sacramento SEO company.

1. Identify Goals and Objectives

The first thing to do is establish a list of goals you want to accomplish with SEO.

Get your internal team together and talk about what is missing to improve your bottom line.

Maybe you aren’t reaching your secondary – or even your primary – market as effectively as you’d like to. Maybe you’ve gotten their attention, but you’re having trouble converting traffic into sales.

You could even be on the verge of launching your new brand and setting a list of initiatives to target first.

Whatever you need, write it down.

Make your goals as specific as possible. Create a deadline for them too.

2. Start the Search Process

The reason you set goals as an internal team is to help weed out the SEO services available to you.

Some companies will only offer a piece of the puzzle. They will have a niche in social media marketing or web development, but they won’t be able to offer both.

Look for the Sacramento SEO company that can do everything you need.

To get your search started, talk to other professionals in your network.

Bring it up at networking events or over lunch with your friend from the office down the street. This should help you get a list going of good companies in your area.

3. Check Their Portfolio

Once you’ve gathered a handful of recommendations for a Sacramento SEO company, it’s time to narrow down your options.

Go to each company’s website and look at their portfolio.

They should have a page dedicated to their best work. This will be a mixture of SEO strategies used in the past to help clients succeed.

Take your time and click on a few projects.

Ask yourself if you’d be happy with the different digital marketing approaches you’re looking at. Some are sure to call out to you more than others.

4. Read Testimonials

Having trouble deciding which Sacramento SEO company to move forward with?

Jump from the portfolio page to the testimonial part.

Testimonials will help you wrap your head around a certain company’s style much better. These offer first-hand insights about what you can really expect from a team.

Here, you can discover exactly how an SEO company goes above and beyond for their clients. Read between the lines for communication styles, delivery timeliness, and more.

The more attention you pay to details, the more confident you can be in the company you end up choosing.

5. Set up a Few Consultations

Don’t base your final decision solely on what you see online.

Make space on your calendar to go to a few different consultations.

You don’t have to meet with every Sacramento SEO company on your list. But, by now, you should have a smaller number – like two or three – to choose from.

Give these top contenders some time out of your day. You will thank yourself for it in the long run.

As you prepare for each consultation, make sure you remember to do the following:

Ask for Case Studies

Portfolio work is a quick glimpse of the best results an SEO company has come up with.

Case studies show how they’ve gotten there.

A case study is one of the first things digital marketing experts will do when they start working with you. This is how they assess your target market, your industry performance, and much more.

Together, you and your Sacramento SEO company will align the goals you’ve previously set with this information to create targeted strategies.

Have Them Pitch You

Before you get to work, though, have your top choices work for your business.

Ask them to pitch you an idea on the spot. This puts their creativity to the test.

As analytical and research-based SEO is, it also needs to tell a story.

Make sure the company you’re about to choose can do both.

They should be able to talk numbers and show you a track record of strong performance data. But they should also be quick-thinkers, with unique ideas and passion for what they do.

Talk Pricing and Deadlines

Passion is one thing, and pricing is another.

Don’t get too carried away with a Sacramento SEO company if it’s out of your price range.

Talk about your SEO budget before you wrap up the consultation.

You don’t have to go too far into the details right away. But you should know whether you have the funds to move forward, or if you need to reconsider.

Shake Hands and Keep Looking

Speaking of reconsidering, avoid committing to an SEO company until you’ve gone to all of your consultations.

You may think you love the first team you’ve met with.

Then you could go to the next meeting only to get blown away all over again!

It’s best to make your decision after consulting the rest of your internal team. This allows you to discuss the value of each option with a clear head and without any pressure to commit.

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