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Being at the top of Google and Bing is hugely important. Every day you’re not on top, you’re losing visibility and reach. However, competition is fierce and getting your brand listed on top isn’t free. That said, you want to make sure that you are running ads for the most “lead producing” keywords.   You need the best ad copy and use the best landing pages.  You need an expert to help you achieve this.

quality wins.  Every.  Time.

Not All Campaigns Are Created Equal

Pay-per-click systems like Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook and Instagram are an auction (you bid on keywords, the higher you bid for a click, the higher you’ll be positioned or more often you will show). But that doesn’t mean the business with the most money is always on top. The quality of your paid campaign (and its history) + your organic campaign + your site’s content plays a more important a role in how you’re ranked than how much you pay.  And it effects how much you have to bid to get the best visibility. The #1 goal for any search engine is to provide the best possible results for a search.  When a potenital client does a search, they want the results to be relevant, accurate, and useful.  If they’re not, people won’t use search engines. Google does a masterful job of developing technology that achieves this goal. So when it comes to paid search, you can’t just pay the most for a click and expect to be on top.  If the campaign and content does not offer relevancy and quality related to the keywords searched,  then you will not rank.  If you only show moderate quality, you can still rank but you’ll have to bid more to get high ranking. If your campaigns are set-up with great content (not to mention all the tricks of the trade) you not only get higher ranking, you actually pay less per click to be there.  Again, we know that the search engines want your money, but they care more about giving quality.  Quality always wins.


  • Rank your ads in the top  positions consistently
  • Achieve the lowest possible cost-per-click maximizing your ROI
  • Convert traffic to business

The ultimate goal in PPC is to get you the top positions while paying less. Anyone can setup a paid campaign using Google, Bing or social media and guess their way through a campaign while wasting valuable resources…or…allow the Buzzhive Marketing Experts to use their expertise, experience and the tools they use all day every day to optize.


  • Higher ranking ads while spending less money
  • Save time not having to navigate through Adwords, Bing and Social Media PPC
  • Receive data on conversion results and recommendations on how to get better

Quality.  Expertise.  Results.  And you’ll spend less than if you did it yourself.

It's crazy out there....

With many businesses and individuals struggling and scrambling to deal with all of the COVID-19 madness we wanted to do our part to help people out how we know best.  We are offering No Fees on Standard Websites through May 31, 2020.  Signup now through April 30, 2020. 

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