Our Process

First 30 Days:  Buzzhive will build and/or optimize your site for local searches and build your local online authority by creating and optimizing your local directory listings.  There are 50+ local directories we submit your site to – this begins the process to build your domain (online – off site) authority.

Next 30 Days:  On site SEO continues based on the first 30 days information.  Buzzhive claims and creates your Google+ Local, Bing Local and Yahoo Local listings, finalizing the foundation work for your local domain authority.  The second 30 days starts your additional website support with Buzzhive Marketing.  This includes content edits, uploads, creative builds, design, etc.  We want to be on your team and support you however we can.

60th Day & Ongoing: Buzzhive Marketing begins your high quality link building campaign.  Based on your keywords, we will use a combination of articles, blogs, comments, etc. to build high quality links from Google-approved, high ranking websites, setting you up as the authority in the eyes of the search engines.  Ongoing optimization of on and off-site content, etc. continues forever based on monthly reporting.

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