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Useful On Site SEO Tools

Comprehensive audit tools
  • Screaming Frog – crawls your entire website and gives you a lot of insights on how to improve. You can also download it to your computer, which makes the crawling process faster.
  • SEMrush Site Audit Tool – gives you a list of issues, prioritized from severe errors to recommendations. You can also access the historical and comparative sections, where you’ll see your website’s progress since previous audits.
  • Google Search Console – a great resource for checking your website’s technical health. You’ll be able to identify crawl errors, structured data errors, etc.
  • WooRank – scans your website and searches for indexation problems, missing metadata, duplicate content, backlink issues and so on.
  •  Zadro Web SEO Auditor – a great SEO audit tool that provides insights and easy to understand data to help you fix technical errors, with additional keyword data and more.
Accessibility and performance checkers
Backlink checkers
Duplicate content and plagiarism checkers
Page speed checkers

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