Top Social Media Management Tips That You Should Know About

Did you know that a massive ninety-one percent of consumers will visit a brand website after following the brand on social […]
December 14, 2021


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Did you know that a massive ninety-one percent of consumers will visit a brand website after following the brand on social media? Social media is vital for establishing a brand now and in the future. If a consumer wants to check out a brand, more often than not, they head to social media platforms first.

However, social media management isn’t always easy. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and baffling when it comes to building and keeping your audience. So, here are some simple social media management tips to help.

1. Quality Over Quantity

It’s important to stay visible in your consumer’s social media feeds. However, you should focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s far more important to see relevant and engaging content instead of a constant flow of content. 

The content that you shared should be worth re-sharing. It’s also worth aiming for content that will remain relevant for as long as possible. If consumers are re-sharing your posts, the information should be accurate for the long term.

2. Share and Share Alike

One of the best social media management tips is to charm your peers. Whether it’s other businesses or individuals, you’re more likely to find people interacting with your posts if you’re interacting with theirs. You can also use sites like Buzzsumo which notify you when someone has mentioned your brand when you use keywords.

When you find posts relating to your brand that advertise what you’re currently doing, you can repost them on social media to build an authentic and trustworthy image.

3. Schedule Your Posts

Posting on social media can take up valuable personal time; time that can be used to manage other aspects of your business. The good news is, you can schedule your posts so you don’t have to keep going on and off social media throughout your day.

It’s easy to schedule posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Whether you schedule them first thing in the morning or on a Sunday for the rest of the week, these platforms are capable of making regular posting efficient.

4. Look at the Data

Social media analytics are useful when it comes to understanding how your posts work. What are your consumers engaging with? What type of posts is helping you reach your audience and your business goals?

Having this data at your fingertips will help you to understand how to drive your business forward using social media.

5. Hire a Professional

With ever-changing algorithms and trends on social media, you may find you need some help from a social media management firm. At Buzzhive Marketing, we can create a marketing plan for you so you’re free to do other things. Why not take a look at what we do?

Your Social Media Management Tips

Unfortunately, social media management tips will only get you so far.

It can often take a trained professional to take your business to the next level. If you need a comprehensive social media package, contact us today to talk about how we can assist your business.