I have advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite Cs5.5 and before, as well as creative software for audio and video editing like ProTools, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Sony Acid, etc.

I have also created many sites with online content management systems such as WordPress, Magnento, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, etc.


Brochure Sites:

These sites were built for information only, and are updated monthly.  Both have e-commerce solutions in the work.  Fully designed by me.


E-Commerce Sites:

All of my e-commerce sites are built on a strong framework, allowing for easy access to orders, reports and customer management.  These sites are fully customized (not templates):



Email Campaigns:

I create bi-weekly emails going out to thousands of customer.  I primarily use StreamSend.com and ConstantContact.com.  I manage subscriptions, database and analytics/statistics for these campaigns.

  • Apron Email –  two different versions for different buying groups
  • Glove Email – two different versions for different buying groups
Blogs & Such:

I create headers, ads, media kits, etc. for many bloggers and online entities.  Everything from facebook avatars and twitter backgrounds to flash advertisements.

I also maintain 6 Google AdWord accounts, a Yahoo!/Bing account  and the Analytics to go along with them.

t Web


It's crazy out there....

With many businesses and individuals struggling and scrambling to deal with all of the COVID-19 madness we wanted to do our part to help people out how we know best.  We are offering No Fees on Standard Websites through May 31, 2020.  Signup now through April 30, 2020. 

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