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Ami Shroyer

Proposal Contact:

Jason Hunnicutt


Proposal Date:

July 26, 2016




Ami Shroyer needs an online presence that houses her three main areas of ministry, business, and life.  What Buzzhive Marketing hopes to provide is strategic plan and design to help reach current and new followers of Ami in a new and exciting way through design, function and interaction.




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Scope of Work




OVERVIEW: Buzzhive Marketing wants to help you stand out, while providing an easy to use, intuitive website that is loved by all level of users (new, returning, search engines, etc.).

We are excited about offering a modern design that will make it possible to highlight your main categories, allow users to engage and interact quickly and promote visitor engagement in an unobtrusive, yet affective way.

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Overview of Process, Deliverable, Timeline

For the initial design, Buzzhive Marketing has provided an initial design and layout based on input provided by Ami.

View the mockup here: http://wideopen.websitepro.buzz

We, of course, need to acquire the highest quality of images possible for the site and create a more engaging entry, but this is a starting point for design, layout and flow.  This will go through changes and evolve into the perfect launching point for organizing all future content and functionality.  Upon approval of this proposal, the initial design will be completed within 5 business days.

From here, Buzzhive Marketing allows the custom time to review.  Upon receipt of the written review and requests based on the first rendition, we will state the timeline for making the appropriate updates and moving into the second phase, organization.

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Overview of Process, Deliverable, Timeline

Based on the needs, wants, dreams and category organization provided by Ami,  Buzzhive Marketing will take content provided by the client (via shared documents or other online communication) and formulate an intuitive flow and layout of navigation, categories, advertisements, search functionality and more.  Depending on the amount of content provided this process could take 5-10 business days.  Depending on the future relationship, this could be an ongoing process.

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Overview of Process, Deliverable, Timeline

Once the content is in place, the next phase in the process is to integrate the other facets of the site, brand and functionality.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • social media
  • forums
  • contact forms
  • payment integration
  • subscription signup
  • specific plugin or extensions
  • etc.

Much of this may be initially ‘placed’ during the Design & Organize portions of our scope, but will be finalized during the Integrate phase.  The Integration Phase can require a lot of testing.  Depending on the amount of integration that needs to take place, this could be the longest phase in the entire scope.  We suggest either a soft launch or beta test with select users/testers before fully launching the site and promoting it.

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Overview of Process, Deliverable, Timeline

Buzzhive Marketing loves design and loves to build websites, apps and more.  However, our ultimate goal is to partner with businesses to help build their online authority and build their popularity online.  Once the site has launched, we don’t want to say ‘goodbye’.  Rather, we want to say ‘here we go!’.  At the end of our web design and build, Buzzhive Marketing will make sure that your site is submitted properly to the search engines and that you are setup with the proper analytics.  However, having a website does not mean that people will come.  You may already have a good following, but we want to help promote that.

Buzzhive Marketing offers multiple packages for ongoing promotion here.  We also make a suggestion at the end of this document.





The pricing below is for the entire web design scope mentioned above.


Your project is unique in that it hosts 3 unique identities in one.  You can view our typical web design project pricing here.  However, our ultimate goal is not to see how many one-time projects we can complete.  We want to have continuing business relationship with you.

If we were to create the full site for you with all three areas in tact with your content and all functionality and then hand it off to you, the price would be $4,500.  You would have a great product that you would then need to manage.  It would also require you to have all content you wanted live available and delivered to us within 30 days.

We could also do it in stages and create the site and functionality for you with a starting point of content for $1,500.  This would be ‘complete’, but again, would leave the management of the site and content all to you.

We could also build a basic ‘Ami Shroyer’ site for you.  Just about you, with a blog and basic (static) information and then allow you to create the other deeper information moving forward.  This would be $800, but we wouldn’t feel good about that.

What we really suggest is doing the $1,500 and allow us to support you moving forward.  This would allow Buzzhive Marketing to give you the full website you need within 30 days (the time-frame is really dependent on us receiving content) and then grow with you every month.  This would also include marketing for you, your products, your voice, etc.  Signing up for the monthly marketing and support would also reduce the design and build price by 25%.  That would put make your initial price $1,125.  Our monthly support packages are month to month, so if it wasn’t a good fit, you could end at any time.


The pricing below is our recommendation for monthly marketing and authority building.

Name Price QTY Subtotal

25% OFF initial Website Design & Build


this includes up to 4 hours of web support every month






The information contained in this proposal constitutes the terms between Buzzhive Marketing, 3595 Canton Road Suite 116 #150 Marietta GA 30066 and the client Ami Shroyer North Carolina.

All prices agreed upon will be honored by both parties. Continued services after that time will require a new agreement.

Authorized Signature: The undersigned agrees to the terms of this contract on behalf of the organization or business

Signature of Client: _______________________ Date: ________________

Company Representative Signature: _______________________



Buzzhive Marketing

Ami Shroyer

Payment amount:

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